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Instagram, being a dynamic and ever-evolving platform, demands adaptation to the latest trends and strategies for success. To help you navigate this exciting journey, we’ve compiled the new rules for achieving Instagram success in 2023. Let’s dive into these strategies and learn how to optimise your Instagram presence.

  1. Leverage the Power of Stories: Instagram Stories are a crucial tool for engaging your audience. Aim to post at least six stories daily to maintain consistent visibility and keep your audience informed and engaged with your content.

  2. Optimise Captions for Search Visibility: Craft captions that incorporate relevant keywords and phrases related to your post. This optimization will enhance the discoverability of your content when users search for specific terms.

  3. Implement Compelling Call-to-Actions (CTA) on Stories: Drive engagement by integrating clear and compelling CTAs within your Instagram Stories. Encourage users to swipe up, visit your profile, or engage with polls and questions to deepen their interaction.

  4. Engage with Every Comment: Building a community on Instagram involves acknowledging and engaging with your audience. Respond to comments on your posts, as this boosts engagement and shows that you value and appreciate your followers.

  5. Edit Reels within the App: Instagram offers in-app editing features for Reels. Take advantage of these tools to edit and refine your Reels directly within the app, ensuring your videos are polished and engaging for your audience.

  6. Post to Your Grid Daily: Maintain an active and consistent presence by posting on your grid every day. Consistency is key to keeping your audience engaged and returning for more of your content.

  7. Opt for a Minimalist Approach to Hashtags: In 2023, less is more when it comes to hashtags. Use only three relevant and trending hashtags to avoid overcrowding your captions, making your content more aesthetically pleasing and improving search visibility.

  8. Opt for Vertical Videos (16:9 Ratio): Vertical videos with a 16:9 ratio are better suited for mobile viewing, which is the primary way users interact with Instagram. Opt for this format to ensure your videos are visually appealing and captivating.

  9. Incorporate Trending Audios: Stay current and relevant by using trending and popular audios in your content. Trending sounds can increase the discoverability of your content and attract a wider audience.


In Conclusion

 Incorporating these new rules into your Instagram strategy for 2023 will position you for success. From optimizing your captions and engaging with your audience to editing your Reels within the app and utilizing trending audios, these strategies will enhance your visibility and engagement on the platform. Embrace the dynamic nature of Instagram, adapt to the latest trends, and watch your Instagram success soar to new heights in 2023.

Digital & Creative Agency Australia - Pyxel Media
Digital & Creative Agency Australia - Pyxel Media