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How much does corporate video production cost for businesses in Australia

Videos are not just a part of marketing strategies anymore. Instead, they have now become a center of marketing for any business today. Why is it so? It’s quite simple, videos have the power to convert your leads into conversion. By this, it is safe to say that video production is the future of content marketing, as the stats show that brands that leverage video marketing see a 54% rise in brand awareness on average.

However, many business owners who plan to implement corporate video production are often concerned about its costs. Cost is not the only factor that has changed in business video production. Something fundamental to the success of video production has also changed over the past decade. That means, the magic today happens in the pre-production. The structure and style, the ideas, and the messages that go into making a video that’s where the value is created in the corporate video today. To instantly increase the perception of your business, you need a stunning and professional video. And this is where we help you, by creating flawless, impactful content for our clients across Australia.

So if you are reading this, you might be wondering how much a corporate video costs? Or have you been caught off-ground when asked to come up with a budget, or downright confused by the diverse price quotes you get from professionals?

Well, we are not amazed by this case.

Caught off-guard, here is what you need to know…

Regardless of how large or small our clients are, there is a budget to all to which they are trying to adhere and, invariably, they all ask, ‘how much will it cost to produce our video? To which, we essentially respond, ‘It depends’ on the quality of the video that fits any platform. Although this isn’t a response that’s meant to be flippant, it’s just that there is a broad range of factors when it comes to the costs.

With a vision to produce exceptional video content, Pyxel Media works with clients across the industrial spectrum. Whatever your business offers, corporate, eCommerce, services, construction, and retail, a reliable video marketing, and corporate video production will ensure your target audience knows who you are and why you are the best for the job.

What are Corporate Videos?

It can be defined as any video produced by a business or organization with an aim to promote and raise awareness about a brand as a whole. Furthermore, a corporate video can also be used in a business environment and serve countless purposes. For instance:

  1. Training and instructional videos for employees
  2. Product or service demonstrations
  3. Client testimonial video
  4. Live webinar
  5. Brand introduction to potential clients

Why Do You Need Quality Corporate Videos?

There are billions of hours of video content on the internet and billions more that get uploaded everyday. However, you may notice that most of this is low-quality. The sheer amount of content that people consume everyday makes it harder to leave an impact.

This is where you may need to pay attention to quality over quantity. Here are a few reasons for the same:

  1. A well-planned and put-together video will not only allow you to engage with your audience but will also help with your website and company.
  2. It helps to raise brand recognition, as video marketing is more memorable.
  3. As your viewers will remember more video material, your messaging will be clear and better understood.
  4. By increasing leads and sales, persuading people to work for you, and educating workers on different topics, a well-made corporate video will help.

How Much Does it Cost for Video Production?

It can be tricky to price out video production. You will possibly get the standard answer, ‘it depends’ when you ask someone from the video industry. And we understand that it is not very helpful when you are planning a budget and trying to get an estimate of your video production costs.

However, because each project is unique and varies in length, size, and complexity, there are no simple solutions to this question. As an example, you might go for a 3-minute, 2-minute, or a 60 second video, the cost can vary according to the duration. Although, you also need to consider the time taken to create it. Depending on this aspect, a professionally-produced corporate video typically costs anywhere from $2000-$7000. While a few other complex videos can cost $10,000 and take nearly weeks to complete.

The best way when working with a production company is to be transparent with your budget. To simply put, according to us, the best production projects start when our clients tell us about their budget, objectives, and their expectations from us.

Note that: If you don’t start with a budget, the production company will have to guess at one. Be cautious of working with a reliable video production company that gives you a single price for a video or a series of videos without breaking down what’s going into that price point.

Factors that Influence the Overall Cost of Corporate Video Production

  1. Type of Video: Is the video for a product or service promotion? Or just testimonials? So the type of video you intend to film will have some influence over price as it affects the factors such as the length and location. Not only general advertising on the website, but you might also need platform-specific video content designed to speak to the demographic of each.
  2. Duration: Whether you are making one or a five-minute video, the crew and the equipment are mostly the same. The major contributor is what is being filmed and the time taken to put it together. Plus, that simple 60-second video is more complex if it needs to be filmed in different locations. Ultimately, when it comes to the length of the video, the time and skill it takes to edit are what you are paying for.
  3. Glamorous shots are not enough anymore! Much of the work that goes into producing a high-quality video is done in post-production, so budget well for this. In order to get the top dollar for the work, the potential buyers should be wowed by the shots. How much time goes into post-production varies depending on how much raw video is there to edit and how complicated the narration is.

Digital & Creative Agency Australia - Pyxel Media
Digital & Creative Agency Australia - Pyxel Media