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5 phases of video production for small business owners

Video production is more than simply pressing the record button on your camera. There is so much noise online that it takes more than just a smartphone and the click of a recording button to produce video content that stands out in congested web traffic. According to the stats, every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded and over 4 million videos are watched on YouTube. Every day this adds up to an unbelievable 6 billion hours of video consumed on just one digital platform.

If you are serious about capitalizing on video content to boost awareness, engagement, leads, and sales, it is important that video production is well-planned and strategic if it is to be successful. A stunning and professional video with the help of a video production company in Adelaide and Sydney, involves a lot of different components and moving parts, with both physical assets, strategies, and approaches that have to be carefully managed. Before the cameras start rolling and even far after, it is critical that everything from creative and technical pursuit is accounted for well.

So what are the steps or phases involved in video production? And why should you even care? As a business owner, you may not feel the need to know each step of the video production process, but being aware of the overall approach translates to better communication with the agency, flawless and impactful video marketing, and it helps set realistic goals.

What does Video Production mean for Brands and Businesses in Adelaide and Sydney?

In the most basic terms, video production is the process of creating video content, starting with the development of the story and finishing with the distribution of the video.

In the modern world, video content is one of the most powerful forms of media to engage an audience. Our production team works on content with clients across the industrial spectrum, utilizing creativity, and working with your vision to produce exceptional video content. Whatever your business offers, whether corporate, eCommerce services, construction, or retail, a reliable video marketing, and corporate video production agency in Adelaide and Sydney will help you organize and manage your video projects.

The 5 Phases of Video Production

Typically, video production is broken down into three stages: development, pre-production, and post-production. However, breaking it down into only three stages does not account for the full breadth of what truly goes into the process. Below we have a full-fledged description on all the phases to get a complete idea of what it takes to produce content:

Phase 1: Planning and Development

We don’t start a client project without having a meeting first to understand their needs and create a plan of action, and you should not shoot a video without a plan either. This starts with brainstorming and putting pen to paper, which means creating the video production brief, and sending out briefs to potential partners.

  1. Settling on a type of video is important as it is going to define the format and the required resources. It can range from explained videos, commercials, infomercials, company stories, and much more.
  2. Identifying the target audience as it will impact the structure and tone of your production.
  3. As every production is both art and science, you first need to brainstorm ideas, so it is important to get creative and find new unique ways of displaying your vision.
  4. Narrowing down the best strategies and clearly outlining how production will proceed to reach the potential audience.
  5. Everyone needs to leverage video marketing that is reasonable as long as some metrics by which it will measure its success. Goals for production can vary from brand such as traffic, sales, brand visibility, and engagement.

Phase 2: Pre-Production

With your idea in hand, like the planned content and goals that were defined in the strategy portion, you can start the next phase of production, which is more actionable. This step includes laying down the production timeline, storyboard, script, and anything else you will need to keep the production on track. Basically, this phase includes everything that needs to be created, gathered, or otherwise planned for before the video is created for a platform.

Creating storyboards and final script writing is a crucial part of this state. You cannot produce a final video without a script, and a core story outlined in development. Other vital aspects include:

  1. Preparing a schedule
  2. Finalizing the script
  3. Hiring staff for video production

Phase 3: Production

Now that the preparation is complete and the meetings are over. Now is the time to have some fun! The production phase is the part where the story begins to come to life, all the raw materials of your video will be captured. If you have any specific vision that you want to be included in the final product, be sure to clearly communicate with the expert team before the end of the production phase.

For all the interviews conducted, your producer will carefully review all the footage, transcribe, assemble the story of the video, and do their magic to bring all the pieces together. To make your project come to life, our video production team will handle all the nuts and bolts. So, just sit tight and wait for the magic to happen! All we take is some time to know your needs and creativity.

Phase 4: Post-Production

This is the time when shots are actually assembled. During this process, the video and audio get edited into what you see as the final product. Any errors are corrected, and visual effects could be created. Plus, your video also needs titles, credits, cards, and other text additions. Your final product will be done in this portion whatever needs to be transformed and augmented by the assets you created.

Like many other parts of this process, this step is dedicated to preparing for the next phase, which is distribution.

Phase 5: Distribution

You usually create general advertising videos that can fit on any platform, you need platform-specific video content designed to speak to the demographic of each. Whatever your distribution plan, you will need a video for each platform that engages in content in a different way. All you need is to speak their language.

No matter how big or small your project, it is extremely important that your video production expert team in Adelaide and Sydney go through these stages for timely product delivery, and responsibility coordination. Staying true to every phase is something we practice and preach!

Digital & Creative Agency Australia - Pyxel Media
Digital & Creative Agency Australia - Pyxel Media